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Below you will find reviews from clients seen by David DeRosia LMT. If you wish to submit a review, you may do so through the contact

section of this website. Thank you for your input.

"David did an amazing job! He was really easy to connect with, worked on all my problem areas, and gave me great tips. He definitely went above and beyond!"

Stephanie W.

"David is an outstanding listener and has an innate ability to find the trouble spots in my shoulders and hips. His knowledge of many diverse techniques helps him access deep muscles without causing soreness. I highly recommend him!"

Dana H. LMT

“This was a FABULOUS massage. I am an online instructor and this guy got right to the place and my shoulders and upper back feel fantastic today with NO soreness. He used pressure points and I loved that.”

Debra C. H.

"David was wonderful and very informative! I felt comfortable and had a great time while also receiving a wonderful massage. I appreciated learning so much about the different muscles and how the body works as I live with some chronic pain issues, so any knowledge I can glean to help with that makes me happy! He was very friendly and approachable and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who will certainly make them comfortable. I got the impression he tailors each massage specifically to the client's needs and that he really enjoys what he is doing. That makes a huge difference!"

Brie N.

"I will definitely be going back! It was a great massage. I was in a little happy cloud afterward."

Micaela W.

"David was absolutely wonderful. Very personable with hands of magic. Look forward to many returns!"

Bobbi L.

"My first massage and it was a really nice experience. David was really, really cool and soooo easy to talk to. He was also very thorough.”

Marguerite D.

"David is a wonderful and very knowledge massage therapist. I will definitely recommend him."

Gretchen Y.

"David is great! He got a knot out of my back that had been there for quite a while. Very friendly and very relaxing!"

Ammie C.

"Very knowledgeable and created a lovely, peaceful space to relax while receiving a massage that was fine tuned to my needs."

Jen W.

"David was awesome! His personality immediately sets you at ease and he has amazing hands. Great massage! "

Sarah K.

"Great deep tissue massage!"

Alexandra D.

“David is a professional who is always on time, keeps a clean and welcoming environment, and is very personable. On top of that his work is superb! My neck and back tension are completely gone. Thank you David.”


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